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About Such A Good Cook!

  Welcome to Such A Good Cook.  This site has been a long time in coming and I am so happy to share it with you.  I am Cathy Fischer and I am a Breast Cancer survivor.  The idea for this site was a by-product of my cancer treatment.

  While I was deep in treatment I found myself watching a lot of TV.   I was drawn to the cooking shows.  My attention span was short due to the exhaustion of treatment and I found these shows the most entertaining.  Prior to treatment I loaded up on books to help occupy the time and soon found that focusing long enough to get through the story was not going to happen so I turned to reading the vast number of cook books I had collected over the years. Short bites of information worked best. While I was reading and watching I soon wanted to try all of the tips and techniques that I had been learning. 

 I started out small with a couple of new recipes and found I was hooked.  I cooked my way through treatment and found it the perfect distraction to keep my mind off of how I felt.  Soon I couldn't wait to get into the kitchen and try something new. I have always managed to keep my family fed and put together a decent meal here and there. But somehow through the struggle of chemotherapy I had blossomed into a great cook. 

 A few months later over a latte in Star Bucks the idea for Such A Good Cook was born. Since then, I can't get enough of it.  Cooking and good cooking has become my passion. As I research and learn what foods to eat to support my immune system I find new ways of cooking and enjoying different food groups I would never have tried in the past. I love to entertain now and have started helping friends learn how to become a better cook and to cook healthier foods........ 

 The goal of this site is to help you learn the cooking basics. You can explore the variety of recipes that vary from simple to more difficult, enjoy video demonstrations of basic skills, browse the glossary of terms to demystify any recipe and enjoy the "how to" section where you can get some quick tips. You too can hear your family and friends claim, "you're such a good cook." Join me in the journey of cooking as a passion.  We will learn together and grown in the world of culinary arts. 


You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience. You must do the things you think you cannot do.

-Eleanor Roosevelt